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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care you give our dogs, Popeye (Shih-Tzu) and Hobo (Lhasa Apso), over the last four years. Your grooming and boarding services have been top notch. We are particularly thankful for the personalized care and attention given to Popeye and Hobo when they visit your facility. You have always managed to make room for us when we call for quick appointments. You treat our dogs as if they were part of your own family.

The grooming is always expertly done to our specifications and on time.

We would also like to mention that although we don't use the boarding facilities often, Driftwood Kennels is the only facility we have used where the dogs have come home healthy. On two other occasions, when using other kennels, the dogs returned with kennel cough.

Because of the distance from Austin to Driftwood, we have tried using the services of other kennels in the immediate Austin area. However, we just don't get the care, attention or satisfaction we get from Driftwood. The 40-mile round trip is more than worth it.

Sue and Rick Keller
Popeye and Hobo




We are so glad to have found Driftwood Kennels. Our dog gets excited every time we turn into the drive. We know that Lewis is loved and well cared for when we leave him with you.

Leslie and Jonathan Moore



This letter is just to thank you for the wonderful care and attention you showed our cat Horatio this summer while he was boarded at your kennel. As a cat who was abandoned only a few years ago, we worried greatly about what leaving him would do, and the fact that you gave him so much individual attention in that traumatic first week proved to us that our trust in you was well placed.

You may like to know that while Horatio seemed to give us the cold shoulder at first, within a few hours he was overjoyed to be with us, even in a strange new apartment, and since then the purring and rubbing have continued almost unabated.

Boarding our dear Horatio for two and a half months was agonizing, and we would loathe to do it again, but we know that should we have to, he would be in excellent hands. Besides, he would probably enjoy the opportunity to see old friends.

Again, thank you, and if you so choose, please don't hesitate to use us as a reference for future clients. Rest assured we will always recommend you and your facility in the most glowing terms possible.

Jason and Sara Groce



We have been leaving Max, our German Shepherd/Lab, with you for several years, and we did so again last month. As you may recall, I usually phone at least once while we are away. This time, you mentioned that his hip seemed to be bothering him.

This letter is to tell you that we really appreciate your being that observant of Max and conveying that information to me when I called. Max has learned how to sit and get up in a manner that protects his left hip and his back. If he does that and does not aggravate that area, he is stiff, but usually comfortable enough. We try not to over-medicate him if he is not really in pain. We know he may have more severe problems later.

We feel very good about leaving Max with you and really do not know what we would do if we could not leave him in your care. Thanks.

Wanda Posey


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